Monday, December 12, 2016

The Zinger

My goals in this piece was to use vibrant colors. I was most surprised at the texture of the pastels and how you could easily blend the colors. The main purpose was to have the colors pop and work with each other.  The hardest challenge personally was drawing my hands and body. I couldn't actually draw it from real life. I was forced to draw from a photograph which was difficult. I had to rely on the picture rather than my own eyes. My art looks really good in the corner with the lipstick. I feel that the reflection looks very cool. Also I like the shadow. Another point of this project was to have shadows that weren't logical colors. I was inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. In most of his artwork, he uses very bold colors with even bolder shadows. He would make the shadows the opposite color of what he drew. This created a certain, as Mr. G would say, "vibration" and created the colors to pop even more. If I could do this over i would have picked something with brighter colors and I would have done my hands better. I feel that my hands look sloppy and most of the reflection of myself is black, it makes the colors around it darker as well.